Genre: Mail-em-up | Developer: C.T. Matthews | Year: 2023 | Platform: pc

This is a pleasant little game. It’s demanding as hell – it’s currently eluding me right now how to get 3 stars on any of the volcano levels – but it demands without imposing, and achieves a lot with a little.

The little is a jetpack-helicopter-contraption controlled with a single ascend button, and a “throw parcel” button working purely on inheriting the player’s velocity. The strict timing and exacting quota for a 3-star rating mean that not only does it feel good to figure out how to perform bombs, dunks and shoots at all angles under pressure, it’s very much required.

There’s a purity to this game that feels universal. In an ideal universe, bedroom programmers would be porting Ducky to every handheld imaginable. They’d be getting good value for their time – this game is a library of games rolled into one. 2D Tribes, Kuru Kuru Kururin, Crazy Taxi, Balloon Fight… all the while requiring two directions and three buttons, one of which is “quack”.