Genre: Skullbomb-em-up | Developer: Toaplan | Year: 1988 | Platform: arcade

Played the new Bitwave Games PC version. I can’t speak to accuracy, but it seems to work well enough for a few credits and gets huge brownie points for excellent Linux support.

One thing I really like about Tatsujin is its reliance on bosses as a duo/trio of powerful enemies moving in formation. I think it’s cute, and not in a condescending way – bosses like this can be understood by the player really quickly, and there are very organic tactics an enterprising player can try like rushing one of the squaddies down for some breathing room or trying to crush the whole squad at once with a daringly-placed skullbomb.

A good boss can be a lot of things. It can be a very tightly-scripted, multi-phased climatic grudge match, certainly – but it can also just be three chunky lads flying in a circle.